Doubt your current financial plan or just want some reassurance you're on the right track?

We help you find out if your retirement plan, financial plan, insurance policy, investment strategy—and even your financial advisor—are working toward your unique goals & in your best interests.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

With this comprehensive service, we integrate all aspects of your financials into a cohesive plan that helps individuals determine if they are on track to achieving their stated goals.  We help you identify, quantify your life goals and suggest a road map and strategy to meet your life goals in a systematic way. 

We analyze your financial situation to bring clarity where you stand financially to realise your life goals. We analyze cash flows to arrive at a saving plan & direct your savings to create your financial resources.

Risk management is the core of holistic financial plan. We identify your risks you are exposed and suggest mitigation measures in terms of insurance cover. We analyze & review your existing insurance policies and identify any gap to protect you from unexpected financial loss in case of any eventuality.

In investment planning, we manage your risk in selecting right investment avenues, ensuring you achieve wealth creation objectives. We recommend investments after taking into consideration income tax implication, cash flow constraints, personal risk profile and time frame. 

We recommend investment policy that would have maximum returns with minimum risks involved by understanding your financial needs.  Simply put, it is risk reduction through diversification. 

We research & recommend solutions tailored to your needs on various aspects of personal finances & educate you on options available in an unbiased manner.

With risk profiling and asset allocation, we develop your customized planning solution in a tax efficient way. 

What will we cover in Comprehensive Financial Plan?

1. An in-depth looks at your current personal and financial situation, concerns and goals. 

2. Review of your existing savings, investments, insurance plans and tax planning strategies.

3. Evaluation of your present situation in light of your short term and long term objectives and prioritization of your goals.

4. Identification of your challenges and opportunities in meeting your life goals.

5. Development of your personalized financial plan that lays out strategies to realise the stated goals.

6. Evaluation of alternative course of action to meet your needs based on input from you.

7. Assist you in implementing the agreed upon planning recommendations.

Annual fee :

Rs. 10500/- (Inclusive of Tax)   -- For retired persons

Rs. 12500/- (Inclusive of Tax)   -- Family of middle aged couple

Rs. 10500/- (Inclusive of Tax)   -- Family of young couple

Rs. 9500/- (Inclusive of Tax)     -- For bachelors

This fee includes my role as financial adviser during the engagement period. You will be able to access me for advice and coaching on anything related to your financials throughout the year as and when required. 

Unbiased, conflict free financial planning & investment advisory
Unbiased, conflict free financial planning & investment advisory

Ongoing Monitoring and Review

We believe financial planning is a dynamic process and in order to meet your life goals you need ongoing coaching and support. We understand that goals and external circumstances evolve over time, so planning must be tailored and flexible to be effective. Continuous monitoring & review of existing financial plan are prerequisite for achieving your long term objectives.  

We need to monitor and review your investments and take corrective measures if the plan go off the track and keep your portfolio healthy. 

With this service, we will review your existing financial plan and recommend any modification if required in case of change in circumstances, life style, family needs, employment and other external factors.

We will review your investment portfolio in an unbiased manner and necessary modifications will be recommended ensuring it is efficient and stays in line with your goals.  We will monitor the investments and keep you informed on your progress. 

What will we cover in Wealth Management service?

o Annual Review

o Revision of Financial plan, if required

o Portfolio management i.e. investment mix, asset allocation and re-balancing risk according to market conditions. 

o Performance monitoring 

Retainer Fee (2nd Year onwards)  :

Rs. 6500/- (Inclusive of Tax)  --   For Retired persons

Rs. 7500/- (Inclusive of Tax)  --   Family of middle aged couple 

Rs. 6500/- (Inclusive of Tax)  --   Family of young couple 

Rs. 5500/- (Inclusive of Tax)  --   For Bachelors

This fee includes my role as financial adviser during the engagement period. You will be able to access me for advice and coaching on anything related to your financials throughout the year as and when required.  

Best Fee-only financial Planning
Best Fee-only financial Planning

Standalone services

Retirement Planning

We help you discover the most tax-efficient, worry-free approach to ensuring a secure retirement. We find answers to all your retirement questions.

o When can I retire?

o How much will I need?

o How much can I give to my kids and still retire comfortably?


Rs. 6000 (Inclusive of Tax)

Insurance Planning

We develop a strategy to manage your risk & recommend insurance to protect you from any financial loss. We Identify coverage gaps and the major risks to financial security; find strategies to get better value for premiums paid.

It includes:

  • Manage risks – life, disability, death, critical illness and health insurance
  • Assessing the      merits of existing insurance policies


Rs. 5000 (Inclusive of Tax)

Investment Planning

We analyze your portfolio composition; identify gaps and develop an Investor Profile Report. We help you understand the range of investment implementation options available in the marketplace. 

We assess your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon preferences, constraints & market conditions; develop an appropriate asset allocation strategy & assist you in implementing by identifying suitable investment products.

It includes:

  • Full analysis of portfolio composition, asset allocation, returns and fees
  • Identify gaps and      problems in portfolio
  • Identify gaps      between current portfolio and personal profile


Rs. 7500 (Inclusive of Tax)

Financial Planning that takes care of your best interests
Financial Planning that takes care of your best interests

Hourly Consulting

You may not want to have an extensive engagement but have come across certain issues in your personal finances and investments. Here you can get answers to specific questions on your finances without the need for a more comprehensive plan. The fee depends on the depths of the services required by you and will be based on hourly rate. 

Services We Offer:

o Review and build on an existing financial plan, rather than develop a new one from scratch; discover any gaps, new requirements, or critical changes

o Financial health check, Net worth and cash flow analysis

o Review of existing investments & insurance & Insurance needs analysis

o Tax planning strategies

o Second opinion on new investments, insurance or loans

o Investment planning for specific goals


Rs. 750 per hour ( (Inclusive of Tax) 

Investment Advisory that focuses on your best interests
Investment Advisory that focuses on your best interests

The Planning process would be as follows:

1. Our initial meeting is at no cost to you, and is without any obligation. Our initial meeting will help us explore your potential alignment and suitability with our advice and service offers.

2. If you decide to engage with us after our initial meeting, we will send you formal letter of engagement that details the terms and conditions of the engagement. Once you agree with the terms of engagement, you shall transfer advance fee for our services. We will confirm receipt of payment.

3. We will send you the data sheet there you provide all the details required for financial planning. We analyse and organize your data and ask for any details if required.

4. In the second meeting, we will have discussion on your current financial and life situation, short term and long term goals, your priorities in life, your attitude to risk, your knowledge on investing and money matters, and your previous experience with your investments & insurance.

5. We will develop written draft of your financial plan after we evaluate the data gathered and analyse this in the context of what we have discussed in the first meeting. A preliminary written recommendations will be prepared and sent to you for your feedback.

6. In the third meeting, we will have discussion on the draft financial plan. We will discuss various options available (i.e. products and strategies) consistent with your goals and evaluate them in terms of the your current and future situation. 

7. Based on feedback from you, we then will finalize your plan, set time goals and draft action points for implementation of mutually agreed plan. The balance fee of shall be paid after receiving the financial plan document. In the fourth meeting, we will have discussion on your agreed financial plan and action points you need to do for realizing the plan objectives.

How we communicate?

The primary mode of discussion would be over pre-scheduled phone calls. Occasionally we use video calls, if required.

The secondary mode of discussion would be over email.

SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) Registered Investment Advisor & CFP Practitioner
SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) Registered Investment Advisor & CFP Practitioner


Please call us to know how you will benefit from our services.