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About FinIntellect

I am a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor & Fee-Only Financial Planner. Also, I practice financial planning as CFP certificant. I founded FinIntellect to provide personal financial advisory services keeping two rules in mind.

First rule: Don't advise anything that I don't want to do myself with my money

Second rule:  To tell you the truth for taking informed financial decisions

There is a 'YOU' at the heart of what I do. In fact, I have the fiduciary responsibility of taking your best interests above all anything else. 

I provide unbiased, conflict free Personal Financial Planning, Investment Advisory to individuals and families. By keeping your best interests as my focal point, I provide you the systematic, disciplined process to planning your finances.

Investment Approach

We aim to achieve to sustainable absolute returns for your investments decisions by giving you unbiased opinion on various choices available. To realise these objectives, we run fee only financial advisory for our clients through direct plan of mutual funds.

We define risk / return trade-off is the "ability-to-sleep-well-at-night" test. We design investment strategy appropriate for client’s needs & circumstances taking in to account of market & economic conditions. We help you achieve the fine balance between risk & return by achieving highest possible returns with lowest possible risk. 

We use diversification for managing your investment risk. We mix a variety of asset classes, equity, debt, gold, etc, in your portfolio to smoothen returns and reduce the overall risk that you carry. We counsel clients to understand why their investments are structured the way they are and the potential risks-rewards of the investment plan. 

Further, we offer a completely transparent and secure relationship. We operate on a flat fee for service basis where clients’ interests come first.

Fee only Financial Planner & SEBI Registered Investment Advisor India

Fee only Financial Planner & SEBI Registered Investment Advisor India

Investment Process

Profitable investing is the key to converting savings into wealth. For this, you require a financial plan, an understanding of various investment products and timely action. Our systematic well thought out investment solutions help you strike the balance between risk and return of investments for decent absolute returns. 

Our investment solutions are supported by principles of value investing. Business valuation is the core of our investment process.  Buying investments in the downturn provide the necessary safety to investments. For us, investing is a mixture of art, craft and science in that order. Investing requires 3 key factors, knowledge, time and psychology. 


One needs to have requisite knowledge on investment products, economic trends, market trends, participants’ mood, emerging themes, and so on. Also, we customize advice by keeping the client financial situation, risk profile, objectives, and market conditions.Our investment advice is supported by a disciplined and systematic investment process.

Long term perspective

We believe that we need to give market the sufficient time to close the gap between current market valuation and the fair value of the underlying investments. Keeping this in mind, we advise our clients to have long term perspectives to allow investments grow.

Understanding Emotions

We help you see the clear picture with an objective mindset. The disciplined investment process removes all financial media noise and provides you objective, rational, long term oriented investment advice.

Fee-Only Financial Planner FPSB India

Fee-Only Financial Planner FPSB India


  • We are built on belief that the financial advisory should be focused only on client’s best interest.  Our goals are to provide value, educate and build long-term relationships with clients by providing unbiased, personalized, and well researched advice.
  • We adhere to Simplicity, transparency and integrity in dealing with our clients.
  • Our values are at the heart & soul of everything we do. They are the foundations of our advisory which set us apart from others.

SEBI RIA & Fee only Financial Planner India

SEBI RIA & Fee only Financial Planner India

J Satheesh Kannan, CFPᶜᵐ

I am an Engineering graduate & have a PGDBM in Finance from MDI (Management Development Institute, Gurgaon). I am also a CFP practitioner.

I have a wide range of work experience both in engineering and management in my 16 years of corporate life. 

I quit my PSU job and founded FinIntellect in June 2019, having realised that there is a lot of value to be created for individuals & families by providing unbiased financial  and investment advisory services.

I firmly believe that one should have hands on experience in investing before advising on client’s money. I have been associated with investing in financial markets for last 11 years, investing my family as well as my own. 

I follow value investing strategy for investing in stocks & stick to the same strategy for my investment advisory. Managing money is more to do with managing one’s emotions. Psychology plays a crucial role in the success of investing in stock market. 

It is a great learning for me  and I have done reasonably well in managing my financial affairs. I regard that the experience gained over the years gives me the right platform to managing client’s money.

You can have discussion with me either in  English, Hindi or Tamil. Kannada is also Okay for me if you can excuse my grammar.

Fee only financial Planner & SEBI RIA India

Fee only financial Planner & SEBI RIA India

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