I am a SEBI Registered Investment  Advisor & Fee-only Financial Planner based in Bangalore. Besides, I am a CFP practitioner. I provide unbiased, conflict free personal financial planning & investment advisory that focuses on client's best interest. Though I am based out of Bangalore, in today's well connected world, I can serve clients from Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Coimbatore, Madurai, or from any parts of India or abroad. 

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What We Offer

Financial Planning

Best advice for Financial Planning , Investment Planning, Mutual funds, Retirement Planning, Insurance Planning & Tax Planning.

We design customized financial plan to realise your dreams and objectives. 

Investment Advisory

Best Fee only financial planner to take care of your long term interests

We provide sound investment process for you compound your savings into wealth. 

Financial Consultancy

SEBI Registered Investment Advisor

We provide solution to your specific queries on your personal financials and  investments.

What is personal Financial Planning ?

Financial planning helps you ensure that you have adequate money to meet your life goals at various life stages.Financial Plan lays the road map that leads you where you want to go from where you are now in your financial life.

Our Approach

Investment Process

Our portfolio and investment strategy is built around value and contrarian investing principles. Our well thought out, customized investment solutions help you strike the right balance between risk and return of investments to compound your wealth over long term. 

Why work with us ?


Fee only Advisor India

Long Term perspective

CFP Practitioner India

Client Focus

SEBI Investment Advisor

Risk Management


Personalized solutions

Financial Consultant India

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