No Sales Agenda. No Marketing Spin.Taking Care of YOUR Long Term Interest through financial planning

We are driven by the basic premise that Financial Advice should be Transparent, Unbiased with Zero Conflict of Interest from Product Providers.

Why You Choose FinIntellect?

Conflict Free Advice

We provide unbiased, independent advice that focuses on what is best for you. We are not influenced by commissions or product sales. We are a fee only service provider and only work for you. As we are dedicated to you, we provide impartial advice, ensuring you don’t pay unwanted commission and other hidden fees in the process.

Better Alignment of Interest

We advise you invest in direct plans, as we provide independent and unbiased advice, both in the matter of selecting funds and building portfolios. We charge fee only for our professional advice and we don’t receive any commission from products we recommend. Thus we are in better position to take care of your long term interest.

Professional Advice

We are not tied to any bank, mutual fund, insurance company or financial institution. As a result, we are free to recommend any products based on their strengths and merits that suit your unique needs and offer the best value. We eliminate advisory biases, ensuring a truly client-centric advice and recommendations. We will cut through jargon and marketing speak & tell you what is right for you.

Financial Planning Approach

We adopt financial planning approach and develop an asset allocation strategy based on your financial goals and financial situation. Simply, we don’t recommend list of mutual funds for investing in. We develop your asset allocation strategy appropriate your unique situation after comprehensive risk profiling and identification of investment goals, instead of being driven by one asset class or investment horizon only.


In India, only Advisers approved by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) are authorized to provide fee-only comprehensive investment advice. After meeting its stringent requirements on education, experience, certification and other eligibility requirements, we are bound by fiduciary duty - we put client’s interest first, even above our interest. The registered adviser has responsibilities like proper processes for offering advice, suitability of recommendations, documentation requirements, etc, which are overseen by the regulator.

Satheesh Kannan is one of the very few registered with SEBI as a Registered Investment Adviser (Registration Number: INA200013503) 

Value Focused

We are a fee-only adviser that means we are remunerated only through client’s fee for our service. Thus our single most focus is on value we create for our clients, in terms of tangible and intangible benefits. If we don’t add value to our clients, we cannot do the justice for our fee. So it is clear win-win situation for both of us. Our fee-based practice emphasizes personal client service combined with long-term investment planning.

CFP Practitioner in India

CFP Practitioner in India

Why Are We Different?

  1. As financial advisor having genuine concern over  client best interests, we always place our clients’ interests before those of our own.
  2. We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients by providing a personal financial advisory through financial planning
  3. We Provide ongoing education resources to clients throughout their changing life stages 
  4. Satisfying our clients’ financial needs is our main priority - not meeting sales targets.

CFP Professional in India

CFP Professional in India


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